P-QUEUE is interested in relationships. Artists working together, images near texts, ink to paper: care and the cared-for.

So we consider QUEUE, a book-project begun with volume 4, as at once question and expression of relation: adjunct to the annual, space for the excerpt to expand.

We do not take submissions directly to the series, but consider work as it emerges between people and projects in the journal itself. Our hope is that, like ourselves, these bodies might enter the world standing independent, sometimes—together, knowing in the while they’re always and inextricably linked.


Pre-Chewed Tapas
Lytle Shaw & Jimbo Blanchly

52 pps, handsewn in letterpress wrappers; $10

the precipice of jupiter
erica lewis & mark stephen finein

60 pps, perfectbound in letterpress wrappers; $10
sold out

Eyechart Poems
Geof Huth

32 pps, handsewn in letterpress wrappers; $10

Möbius Crowns
Dan Beachy-Quick and Srikanth Reddy
5 in. x 7 in.; 48 pages (in two volumes); $8

us look up / there red dwells
Jose Felipe Alvergue
8 7/8 in. x 6 1/8 in.; 86 pages; $8

Designed, typeset, illustrated, & printed by the artist, with structural assistance from Queue.
sold out

Richard Taransky: images and appendix
Michelle Taransky: text
6 in. x 6 in; 63 pages; $8
sold out